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About Us | RaffleNinja

An Introduction

We are two friends from the South of England named John and August.

John is an avid crypto supporter and a full time HODLER!
August is a website engineer and gamer.

Our Story

It started with a phonecall overheard, August was on the phone to John’s older brother asking for a loan to start up a skill-based competition website.

John overheard the conversation and got in touch with August, he said he would be happy to invest if the site could be geared towards the crypto community!


We are PROUD to bring you the first competition site that is not only powered by cryptocurrencies but also provides great prizes at fair odds!

We are COMMITTED to making the prizes bigger and better!

ALL PROFITS are reinvested back into the business to help us grow so we can both support crypto adoption and also provide better prizes.


Answer The Question

Select what you believe to be to correct answer on the giveaway page

Purchase Your Tickets

Choose the amount of tickets you wish to purchase and add to your order.

Cross Your Fingers

Once the competition ends a winner will be selected so keep an eye out.


We currently support Bitcoin and Ethereum and are working hard to incorporate other Altcoins into the site!

If you have any questions about our operation feel free to get in contact via Facebook, Instagram or Email


Once you’ve followed the 1-2-3 process above, you will be entered into the raffle!

For more information on how the winner is chosen visit our FAQ’s

We are just starting out and all of our winners will be recorded on the winners pages and have the opportunity to have your picture featured on our website