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Documentation | RaffleNinja
Signing up

All Participants have to register on the platform in order to take part in the competitions.

You can register using the My Account Page.




Registration is required for each user as a security measure If you would like to know more about this please reach out to us via Email

Registration Options
The Registration process is straight forward, you have the choice of registering manually or using Facebook or Google to create your account.

Manual Registration
This format of registration requires you to choose a Username, add an Email and define a password.

Once you have set up your account has been successfully been registered you will receive an email to the account provided confirming your account.

Facebook and Google Registration
This format of registration involves using your data from either Facebook or Google to register your account, by selecting one of those options you will be redirected to the platform selected and asked to provide our platform with access to your data which will be used to create your account.

Note: Providing us with access only lets us access your name and Email address, it does not give us access to your account.

Your Account
In both cases of registration, you will be emailed with your account details and redirected to the My Accounts page.



Logging In

You can login using the My Account page.

Manual Login

In order to gain entry to your account, you need to use the Username and Password that you used when registering.

Social Login

If you used Facebook or Google to register, click the icon and you will be logged in.
If you are not signed into that account you may be prompted to sign in to that platform.

My Account

My Account
To gain access to the My Account page please register or login.
You can find information on how to do so in the sections above.

Once you have logged in to your account you are provided with a number of options, these consist of Dashboard, Orders, Downloads, Addresses, Account Details and Logout.

The dashboard is an overview of your account, it gives you an overview of your account.

The section covers all of your orders, you can see which competitions you have entered and what your payment status is for each purchase.

This section covers all of your downloadable content, we currently have no downloadable content to this section does not apply.

This section covers the billing and shipping addresses for your account, these addresses are important because they will be used when sending you a prize if you are selected as a winner.

Account Details
This section covers your personal details, First name, Lastname, Display name (Username), Email address* and password change and connected social accounts.

If you wish to update or change your personal details or to change your password to your account this is the section in which to do so.

If you wish to connect your social accounts you may do so using the My Social Login Accounts section at the bottom of the page.

* Please be aware that the email you provide is the one we will be in contact with if you are selected as a winner so it is imperative that it is correct.

Once you are done with your account you can logout by clicking the logout text.


Participating In a Competition


In order to participate in a competition, you need to be logged in. Please refer to the steps above to get an account set up.

Participation in a competition consists of a few steps, answering the question, ticket amount selection, voucher codes, checking out.

Answering The Question

We operate as a skill-based competition, in order to meet those requirements a display of skill is required.
Using your own knowledge you must select the answer to the question in order to participate.

You cannot participate without answering the question.

Ticket Amount Selection

There are limited amounts of tickets per competition and a cap on how many a single user can purchase.
The ticket selection module tops out at the amount a single user can purchase.

Voucher Code Input

This field gives you the option to input any voucher codes you have for the competition, your discounted ticket price will be visible on the cart and checkout pages.

If you do not have any voucher codes please ignore this step.

Note: The discounted price may not appear on the competition page and also the floating cart.

Checking Out
Once you have completed the steps above and wish to participate please click the “Participate” button.

Your answer will be added to a ticket and be placed into your cart.
you can access your cart by clicking “view cart” under the “Participate” button, by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting cart or by using the floating cart in the bottom right corner.

Once you are happy with your cart please proceed to the checkout.

The checkout is where you will be asked to submit some personal details such as your name, email, address etc. 

These details will be used to contact you if you are picked as a winner.

The next step is to choose your payment option, currently, we accept Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Payment is covered in the section below



Paying using crypto

Currently, we have two cryptocurrencies enabled for you to pay, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To complete your order you will need to send us the amount of the tickets which is calculated using USD and converted into the currency chosen.

This is done using our secure checkout provided by Cryptoniq a “Decentralized Payment System”.

Once you have selected your choice of currency you will be taken to a page that consists of our wallet address and the amount you need to send alongside a scannable QR code for your convenience.

Payment is checked every 15-20 seconds so it should automatically be picked up once you have sent it from your wallet.

Once your payment has arrived you will be redirected to your order info and the status of your payment will be changed to payment pending.

Once the transaction has been confirmed 2-3 times on the blockchain your order will be changed to complete and you will receive an email confirming your order.

Feel free to close the payment window once the confirmations stage has started as the process will continue to work in the background.

It is good practice to leave the window open so you can check the confirmation progress.

We kindly ask you to be patient with the system, If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies you know that things take time.

If you have any question feel free to reach out via Email