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FAQ’s | RaffleNinja
Can I have currency instead of the prize?

Yes! Once the competition has finished and the winner has been selected the winner has the choice of receiving the price or the equivalent price transferred to them in either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The product price says one thing and the checkout price says another

That is correct. 

Our crypto payment gateway uses the price of the transaction to differentiate between open orders, it adds anywhere from a few cents to millicents to each order so it can match transaction with the user.

If you have any questions about this please get in contact via Email 

I have used my voucher code and the price is the same?

Fear not! Your voucher code has been added to your order, you can see the discounted amount on the cart* and checkout pages

*The discounted price may not be applied to the floating cart in the bottom right of the page

Why should you trust us? (Payment and prizes)
Due to the transparency of the Bitcoin Network you can accurately track all payments, you will receive email confirmation of your satoshis being received. All prizes are purchased directly from the relevant manufacturer/distributor without any logistically unnecessary interference from RaffleNinja or any third party.
I paid the wrong amount, what do I do?
If you paid the wrong amount our system will not pick up your transaction.
Immediately reach out to us via Email at support@raffleninja.com
and we will correct the issue.
How do I see the price in Ethereum?

Currently, our platform displays USD and Bitcoin as default. We are working on a multiple currency function.

If you would like to view the price in Etherum you need to select Etherum at the checkout which will show you the price.

How will the winner be selected & How will I know if I win?

The winning entrant will be selected at random using a number generated live on Facebook. Full details will be confirmed once the draw has been made.

The winner will be notified that they have won immediately after the live draw and the prize will be posted within 14 days of the draw.

You are making more than the prize is worth

The ticket prices incorporate the price of the prize and also our running costs. 

Running costs include recurring costs for the domain and hosting, the themes and plugins we use and also marketing. If we did not make more than the prize is worth then we would be unable to provide the service.

I have not received email confirmation for my purchase.

Your confirmation email will be sent out once your payment has been confirmed 2-3 times on the blockchain.

We wait for all payments to be confirmed before sending out order confirmations as a security measure.

How many tickets per competition?
The number of tickets varies for each competition. However, the amount of tickets is always stated on the product page
Do you take profit from the company?

At this current point in time, the answer is no. All income from the competitions is reinvested back into the business so we can provide a quality service.

If RaffleNinja becomes a success we will be looking to take a small salary to support the work we carry out.

I want to remove myself from the competition and request a refund.

Refunds will be issued on a case to case basis, If a valid reason can be presented we will do everything we can to rectify the issue.

For more information please contact support here.

How will you use my data?

Your email address (and any other data collected) will not be passed onto any third parties and used only for the purposes of notifying entrants regarding their own activity within Raffle Ninja.

If entrants opt in to receive emails regarding upcoming offers & competitions, RaffleNinja will still never share your email address to a third party, subsequent emails regarding featured competitions can be easily unsubscribed from at any time.