Roses are red

Bitcoins are forever
What do we say to people who want to buy our coins

What's Satoshi's favourite brand of sneakers?


Satoshi Nakamoto was conceived

When Chuck Norris decided to make love to a math book.

What did Donald Trump say to his son?

My bitcoins worth more than yours.

What's the difference between bitcoins and dads?

The majority of dad jokes are funny!

I asked a hooker if she accepted Bitcoin?

She Replied: no because it goes up and down more than she does.

Why did a bitcoin end up in jail?

Because he touched a miner in a pool

Why was the bitcoin miner always stoned?

Too much Hash

A CrossFitter, a Marathoner and a vegan walk into a bar. Who talks first?

The bartender! because he mines.

A friend of told me he mine quit crypto mining because he lost all his hair to stress

I replied “That’s a bald move ”

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